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Read This Before Getting A Tattoo

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Once upon a time, a tattoo meant you were either a sailor, a gangster, or someone who had no interest in ever getting a job or a date. Now, however, some people won’t even give you a second look unless you’re covered in ink, as tattoos are not just socially acceptable, but in many circles – required!
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How To Pick An Artist

100 years ago – getting a tattoo meant going to the shadiest looking dude with a rusty needle and ink in your local town port saloon; choosing between a dagger, anchor, or heart with a “mom” writing across it (sometimes misspelled). But these days – here’s how you avoid the only biker dude in town, along with the Hepatitis C:
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Making Sure It Goes Smoothly

When deciding on your tattoo, let go of any notions of perfection. While it’s going to be permanently on your skin – it’s going to be on your skin, which means that it’ll twist, wrinkle, and age. Skin isn’t static, it’s living breathing, flawed tissue. Here’s what one of London’s top tattooers named Jodie has to say:
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How Much Should You Pay?

In a world of inspirational quotes and sayings, there’s only one to remember when it comes to getting a tattoo: “A good tattoo is rarely cheap, and a cheap tattoo is rarely good.”
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Should You Get What’s #Trending?

Everyone wants in on what’s trending. But beware, people’s tastes are highly subjective, and what’s in now may be very “out” by tomorrow afternoon (tribal tattoos anyone?). But there’s even more to consider, for example: micro tattoos are totally #trending right now, but they’re the least practical as that tiny lock and key may look slick now, but when you’re 60, it’ll look more like an arrow shooting into an anus. They just don’t age well.
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How To Care For Your Tattoo

Forget those fancy tattoo creams many places recommend. In fact, forget those places that recommend those “healing” creams as well. They’re just a money grab. Hot water and soap is all you need as keeping your new tattoo clean is the best way to let it heal.
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